Welcome to Harder Digital

HARDER.digital was established in 1999 as a private company. HARDER.digital facility located in the north part of Germany , Turm Thurau, Woltersdorf, Germany. In March 2008 HARDER.digital became a major shareholder of Serbian Image Intensifiers Manufacturing company-HARDER.digital SOVA (former “Ei Sova”). During January 2010 Harder.digital had completed all legal privatization proceedings of Harder.digital SOVA and both facilities form HARDER.digital company.

During the last years HARDER.digital became one of the very few leading companies in the field of Image Intensifiers Manufacturing, covering range of Gen I, high performance Gen II and state of the art Gen III Image intensifiers as well as custom made Image Tubes. HARDER.digital is developing, manufacturing and providing state of the art Manufacturing Equipment for Image Tubes and components. Among unique Manufacturing Equipment are processing stations, ultra high vacuum equipment and chemical processing customized equipment.

By implementing Image Tubes manufacturing technologies HARDER.digital has developed scientific applications of MCP-Screen detectors, offering multiple options of MCP based mounts. Lately HARDER.digital has introduces thermal imaging „engines“ as a part of complete Night Vision solution provision to its customers. Unique combination of intellectual property, expertise, and infrastructure positions Harder.digital to rapidly generate „state of the art“ products and deliver them to the market in a time-efficient manner. HARDER.digital export activities are to over 30 countries in all 7 continents. HARDER.digital products certified by leading Night Vision equipment manufacturers and certification organizations. All export activities are strictly monitored by German authorities and applicable rules are applied to each export.