The unique combination of intellectual property, expertise, and infrastructure positions to rapidly generate state of the art products and to deliver them to the market in a time-efficient manner. is capable of manufacturing various types of Image Intensifier Tubes and related products, Phosphor Screen assemblies and MCP-Phosphor screen based detectors. standard configuration Image Intensifiers is mainly dedicated for various Night Vision Systems utilized by military and homeland security forces. Standard Image Intensifiers are available from Generation I, Generation II, Generation III and PremiumTechnologies. However, various performance levels are available, personally tailored for individual customer/mission profile requirements. Custom made image intensifiers are widely used in astronomy, medical and industrial applications as well in some security night vision applications.

The image intensifiers are available from Generation I, Generation II and Generation III technologies. Variable phosphor screens, MCPs and photocathode’s configurations are produced, including unique designs for fast gating applications. Mechanical configurations vary from an active diameter of 18mm to 40mm, including custom tailored image intensifiers. has developed new line of image intensifier based products, such as ICCD’s and ICMOS’s that can operate in an externally gated or auto-gated operational mode, various types of phosphor screens on different substrates:

  • Fiber-optic plates; fiber-optic tapers; quartz and glass windows, mylar or similar thin films using various techniques of the phosphor application, such as:
  • Brushing, sedimentation, spattering or film coating. high-tech production line and advanced testing abilities offer its clients highly reliable phosphor screens with an extended repetition rate. Most of the products are custom made and tailored per client. phosphor screens can be provided as mounted assemblies, which are fully compatible for high vacuum utilization conditions. has expanded its manufacturing capabilities to phosphor screen detectors and MCP based phosphor detectors which are implemented in a two-dimensional visualization of electrons, charged particles and X-ray radiation. detectors implement different techniques of phosphor applications on: Various substrates, CCD/CMOS coupling/bonding, single and multiple MCP structures, various useful diameters as well as special MCP design mounted assemblies, which are fully compatible for high vacuum utilization conditions.

Recently has introduced a new vision line of products – thermal imaging modules based on uncooled microbolometer FPA. Implementation of operation algorithm without temperature thermostabilization and without electromechanical shutter (TEC-less/Shutter-less algorithm) enable to develop Low Energy consumption Module with highest performance parameters. Modules have standard analogue TV CCIR output and specialized serial digital interface for connecting with computer or with external controller for control and real-time video data transmission.