06.Sepember 2011 – Sova (Serbia)

In March 2008 became a major shareholder of the national Serbian Night Vision Tubes Manufacturing company, former name “Ei Sova”. After completion of all legal privatization proceedings and has successfully passed last and final audit conducted by government of Serbia.

In January 2010 has been certified by Government of Serbia as fully completed all obligations of privatization process of the SOVA Company (former Ei Sova) located in the city of Nis, Serbia.

During Year of 2010 completed SOVA Nis facility renovation and upgrade. New facility has been certified by Serbia government as Image Intensifier Tubes Qualified Manufacturer. Since then company various customers have conducted Quality and Technical audits at SOVA and qualified it as a certified vendor. SOVA facility growth rate in 2010 was over 50%. Production and engineering personnel new recruitment led to total of 75 employees.